Personal & Commercial Insurance Guidance

At the Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance Agency, our goal is to become your trusted advisor when it’s time to make decisions that impact you and your business and life today, tomorrow and 20 years from now.

Experience a Hands On Approach

In business and life, circumstances change making the insurance program that was built for you yesterday no longer adequate today.  That’s why we sit down with you and learn about your business, not through one in-person meeting or telephone conversation, but periodically, over time so we can architect the best possible insurance program for you that will work when you need it.

Talk to Expert Insurance Agents

Our 40+ years of combined experience forms a strong agency serving individuals, families and companies across the country. Our knowledge of the industry enables us to provide you with the coverage you need for your unique situation. We strive to make a difference in the lives of our employees and their families, in our community and in our industry.

Receive Specialized Insurance Programs

Miller, Fidler & Hinke understands that personal or business insurance is a major investment and you need the right kind of coverage for your money. Our areas of specialty include middle to upper class families and individuals who have sophisticated insurance needs and private companies with 10-100 employees who want to protect their assets as their business grows and thrives.

Who We Are

Miller, Fidler & Hinke Insurance came into existence in 2009, but the team has more than 40 years of combined experience.  They have strong backgrounds serving individuals, families and businesses across the midwest.  At the same time, they provide an individual approach for every customer because they understand that the needs of each of their customers is different.

The goal for Miller, Fidler & Hinke is to make a difference with every client and this belief governs all their decisions.

As a company, we have created a fun, results-oriented culture where everyone has a voice and collaborates to serve our customers and one another in a genuinely caring manner.

Miller Fidler & Hinke is a diverse family with a shared vision and passion for delivering world-class service. Helping people and businesses is what we do.

Genuine-Honest-Trustworthy-Reliable-Fun; this is who we are.

Joey Hinke

President & CEO