Patrick Kearney

Vice President


Patrick Kearney is the founder of Erickson Kearney & Associates which started in 2000 in Granger, IA and since has grown into a strong small agency in the greater Des Moines area offering unique solutions to small business owners, individuals and families with sophisticated insurance needs. In 2018, Patrick merged Erickson Kearney & Associates into Miller Fidler & Hinke executing a step in his succession plan. This step allows Patrick to continue serving his customers with more resources, expanded outreach and broadened carrier relationships. He plays a key role in the development of young talent within MFH and executing the aggressive growth strategy moving forward. Patrick’s strong connection to his wife Peg and two sons carries into his professional life as well.

  • Favorite Drink – Craft Beer (Porter or Stout)
  • Favorite Musician – Todd Snider
  • Favorite Sport – Baseball

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